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Slim Grips

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I was thinking of getting some slim grips for carry purposes. In your experience, does that compromise the handling any? What if I added the arched MSH to add to the circumference of the grip?
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I put the Navridex black micarta stocks on my Springfield, and while they don't feel quite as "substantial" when firing one-handed, they do permit a much stronger support hand grip. This works very well for me, since I use the '40-60' two hand grip (40% of total gripping strength with firing hand, 60% with support hand, or, more realistically, an easy firing hand grip and a "bank vault" support hand grip.) YMMV.

The lack of "substantial" feel for one handed shooting can be remedied by getting used to it.

The choice of the mainspring housing (flat vs arched) would be dictated by the feel of the pistol in YOUR hand.

Roger Shambaugh
Ottawa, Kansas
I have large hands, but like the feel if the thin stocks. I have used both the AFS and the McCormick panels.

A 1911 is gripped, primarily, fore and aft. The stocks are just along for the ride. The sole downside of the thin stocks, as far as I can see, is that they do not support the plunger tube. No big deal.

70-95% of the pressure you use to hold your 1911 will most likely be focussed on the front strap and back strap. That is where most of your grip squeeze impacts the gun. Thin grips do not hinder that, although for some people, they need the whole grip area of the gun expanded as much as possible because they have such large hands.

I have thin grips on all my 1911s. It makes the gun thinner, easier to conceal, and I have lost no control. I even use smooth sided thin grips. Talk about a lack of contribution to the hold! The smooth grips make it easy not to get tangled up in clothing that some checkered grips will cause, especially with loose blends such as on sweaters. Smooth grips won't rub a rasberry in your side either if you are carrying IWB without an under****.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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