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I just have to share, you know, get it off my chest.

I bot this gun (Smith 647 17hmr) 15 months ago. It's been back to S&W three times. It just doesn't hold consistent groups at 100 yards.

The first trip back wus because it froze up solid after only 12 shots at the indoor range where I bot it (bad omen).

The second trip back wus with the shoot-n-see targets that were shot at 50 yards that looked like a poor shotgun pattern. I ask them to smooth the trigger pull and teach it to shoot straight. It came back better, but kind of slowly kept going south every time I took it out. (hey...maybe it is a migratory gun...I dunno).

The third trip..I called S&W and just plain whined. I told them how my T\C 17hmr grouped 2" at 100 yards every day of the year. So, they sent me a pre-paid UPS thingy. They installed a new cylinder and told me it was Zen with the world now.

I got it back, looked at it, decided to sell it, put some for sale ads on the web, got a few "hey wanna trade for some old chevy fenders and stuff" responses. So, I deleted all those ad's and decided to put the gun in the back of the gun safe and forget I even own it.

So, in ten years (cause Smith don't make this gun anymore) I'm gonna pull it out of the safe, call it a collectable, post it for sale on Gunbroker.com, and get a grand for it.

Or maybe not.

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