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smith in maryland?

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Received a series 80 Mark IV 45 after the usual wait, bought it pretty cheap on auctionarms, and I need help! Previous owner may have done some homesmithing on the ramp. The pistol will not even feed ball. I'm not an expert, but it looks like the frame in ramp area been damaged somewhat. Can anyone recommend a good Colt pistolsmith in Maryland? Thanks in advance!
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Al Marvel in Madonna Maryland is a great gunsmith and a member of the American Pistolsmith Guild. I have had work done by him and can only the positive comes to mind.

He is in the phone book. Or use one of the links to locate the APG website. Give him a call and he will tell you the process to acquire his services.
Lou Klein in Bowie, MD. e-mail: [email protected]

Really good guy and 2 thumbs up from me.
Hi mon1911, you might want to call Colt and check with them, a guy told me about 6 weeks ago he had the same problem and sent it back to Colt and they replaced the frame, FOR FREE!!!! Worth a try. If the feed ramp in the frame is cut to deep it can be welded and restored, it will need refinish, in short A LOT OF WORK and will cost you a lot of money. I'd try Colt first, they still may have a toll free #.

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Thanks, guys. I've been trying to reply to your info but have had trouble with my net-accessing. Appreciate the help, and Metalsmith: great encouraging tip. Magnumite and jrf: another name is Greg Wolf from Albright's in Easton. Will try him first, he's closest. Again, thanks much. Mon1911
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