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Snap caps cushion momentum of slide?

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Dear Fellow 1911'ers,

Do you think that the lesser wieght of plastic snap caps, cushions the forward momentum of the slide enough to allow one to train w/ it at full speed during dry firing.

If not, what can one use to get the feel of real training during dry firing?

I fear I may develop a habit of riding the slide forward in dry firing , that will carry over into live fire, and that this might cause an unneccesary jam one day.

Ideas? Thoughts?
Thanks in advance,
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The length of the round, and the slight slowing of the slide as the round is fed and chambered is what provides the cushioning effect, not the weight of the round. However, if this is a concern for you, you might get a reloader to make up some dummy rounds for you.

Take some once-fired cases. Grind up some rubber, and mix it with some rubber cement. Pack the primer pocket with this mixture and let it dry.

Set up the seating die to load to the exact length of a ball round, and seat a 230 grain FMJ. Taper crimp well, and you have a dummy round that will last. As an added safety measure, you can drill a hole through the case to show that it is a dummy round. Also, if you don't want to use the rubber cement mixture, simply seat a fired primer.

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Yes, I had a similar idea after some consideration. I thought I might drill out the primer pocket and fill the case volume with silicone caulking. That way, the bullets wouldn't be continually pushed back in the casing on me.
I'll have to experiment and see how it works.

Thanks for the tip about the feed ramp.
Don't know why that didn't occur to me. I'll have to carefully observe the plastic rounds to see if they are getting a good bump off the feed ramp. If so, I may just stick w/ them.
And the snap caps don't provide this because? I'm confused as to the difference between making up these "dummy" rounds vs. snap caps?
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