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"Soft" 38 Super Loads?

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I'm trying to figure out some soft loads for my Les Baer PII, preferably with 3N37, I use it in my racegun. Overall length would be of some help too.

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Powders have pressure limitations, both high and low. I think if you try to get 3N37 to run too low, you'll run into velocity variations and extremely dirty loads.
For wimpy steel loads and the like, I've always used Bullseye or WW-231. A 125 LRN and 4.2 grains of either is a real wimpy load. You can bump it up to suit your tastes or the guns, but 5.0 is probably the top end with those powders.
For something snappier than steel loads, but not up to Major, a medium burn-rate powder is needed.

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3N37 might be too slow for a soft load. If you want to stick with Vhit, try N320 or N310 and a medium weight bullet like a 124-135. If you want real soft, use N310/320 and a 147. I tried it and it was soft, but there was more muzzle climb than I liked.

Good luck to you.

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W231 is all I use these days in the .38 Super.

4.8 grains of it with a 125 grain TC will get you 1060 FPS @ 1.262 OAL.

4.1 grains with a 150 SWC will get you 936 FPS @ 1.157 OAL. This is the load I set up for my wife to use.

Both are pleasant to shoot but require no spring changes for reliable function.

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I use 4.gr bullseye with a 125gr lrn..
Works great but you must use a light spring,
10 or 12 lb works in my guns..
This is the load that I use most of the time
but am working on a full wadcutter load also.
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