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I wasn't happy with the grip texture on my M&P, the stock texturing on the plastic was mostly smooth and I kept finding the gun would shift in my hands a bit, especially if they were sweaty at all. I also wanted to add some texture to the trigger face and remove the beavertail grip extension. Most 'smiths want ~$125 to do a full grip texture and grip extension removal and I would have to ship the gun, so I decided to give it a try on my own (I'm much braver when it's only a plastic gun being victimized...). Picked up a $10 wood burning/soldering tool from Harbor Freight this morning and went to work.

Stock vs. modified:

Right side:

Left side:

I tried a few different stippling patterns on a spare backstrap before settling on the dimple/golf ball pattern. It seemed to provide the most grip of the few that I tried, and as a bonus, it was the easiest one to do as well. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Looks-wise, I'm sure it could be better, but this is a game gun and it's ugly to begin with (I love how it shoots, and it's been unfailingly reliable, but it is no looker...). But the added texture makes a noticeable difference, it really bites into my skin now and feels much more positive.

Anyhow, just thought I would share something a little different. My OCD certainly appreciated the exercise today.
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