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Source for Remington Golden Sabres?

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I've read about these - who carries them?

Thank you

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check out www.ammoman.com or www.cheaperthandirt.com

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I carry them from Collins Cartridge Company. The web is www.cccammo.com

They're an authorized loader and are a lot cheaper than the factory stuff.

Best, -Coop
I wasn't clear on whether you wanted loaded ammo or just bullets.

I order Golden Saber bullets from MidwayUSA.

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I just checked out your link to Collins. Those are some amazing prices! I could actually afford to practice with Golden Sabres.

Any more info on these guys before I fire off an order?

Steve "El Roto" G.
This is a great buy on Rem. Golden Sabres. I'm paying almost twice that price for mine.
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I've used their GS in the 165 gr. .40 and 230 gr. .45. They have been 100%.

Art, the owner is also a great guy to do business with.

Give them a try.

I'm going to place an order for 9mm soon.

Best, -Coop
coop, how are the shipping rates? I am just wondering if you pay the difference in shipping as compared to paying the regular price locally. thnaks.

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