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In another thread, from an answer from DSK:

"There weren't any problems to speak of until the early 90's during Colt's "dark period". Any Colt made up to 1990 or so, or the later ones made after around 1998 are excellent guns to use."

Is there a definitive source for Colt serial #'s that one can look to for this?


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Here's the best I can help, regarding what I said:

Any pre-Enhanced Series 80 should be okay (they were discontinued in 1991).

The Enhanced ones were all made during the bad period. Many of them are just fine, but you don't know unless you have an opportunity to test-fire it. Some of them are real lemons.

The M1991A1s were both yeah and nay during the 90s, but the new ones (the ones with the STS barrel) are excellent from most reports.

The XS series are supposedly very good as well, in fact looking into my crystal hardball round I see them becoming valuable collector's items in the future.

The XSE models are cheaper as we all know, but hey they still work.

Other than that, it's hard to say. I might suggest to folks that they buy a brand-new gun, so no matter what you've got a warranty behind you. It'll help Colt out a lot too.
Just my .02 cents.

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I think you are right on regarding the XS guns. I think the XS guns will be very collectible due to their limited availability in late 1999 and early 2000, plus their fit and finish was excellent. Some of the sharpest Colt's to come out of Hartford.
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