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South African FN Manufactured 17 rd mags

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Are the above mags worth getting or should I just stick to carrying 13 round factory/Mec-gar mags? Or does it vary with each individual gun?

Will standard Wolff +10% springs work as replacement springs for the 17 rounder magazines?

Normally I would post this in the magazine section, but since all Browning?clone owners will read this I hope to get a better reponse rate to this inquiry.

Thanks to all who put in any input to these questions.

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Hello. The 17 rnd KRD South African magazines have proven to be quality, dependable magazines in most cases. I do not think that they are as "good" as the Mec-Gar magazine, but they NEARLY are and at much lower cost. The only real problem I've seen with the SA magazines has been that they are very, very difficult to load at first. This goes away quickly.


I have moved this thread over to the MAGAZINE section of the forum. Best to all.

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