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spring tune up

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hello all. i've been meaning to change the springs in my pro carry for quite some time now, since it's been through a few thousand rounds already. it'd be nice to know how to remove/replace to recoil spring, mainspring, and firing pin spring, since the kimber manual fails to provide proper instructions. i'd appreciate any help that you can give.
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I used to be cavalier about springs, then got complusive, and now live in moderation.

Recoil: remove the upper and do a basic strip. Swap out the old spring and put in a new spring every 5-10,000 rounds. Since yu get a new firing pin spring with it, swap that at the same time.
Firing pin springs hve a small and large end. The small end goes on first, and has to be forced onto the shoulder in front of the riding band.
As for the mainspring and three-leaf sping, I've never changed one. Not even on my high-mileage Pin gun, with somewhere in the vicinity of 80,000 rounds through it.

Resist the temptation to go with a heavier spring for "reliable feeding." Follow the Wolff guidelines and you'll be fine.
There is good general disassembly info here... http://www.m1911.org/striping.htm
The Pro Carry...Is that the 4"? Captured spring? What part do you have the problems with? Is this a Bull barrel with no bushing?
Does the Pro-Carry have the FLGRod?...and have you broken it down this far before?

The link provided is very good. It may not be "all" you need if the pistol is the 4" captured recoil spring on a full length guide rod, but it'll be the basics...


I Like The Shade Too!
I did my first detail-strip guided by Bill Wilson's booklet, '1911 Auto Maintenance Manual'. Go to www.wilsoncombat.com and get the 800-number and order it for $10.50 + shipping. You'll find color photos accompanying every step.

There is much more useful info such as inspections, extractor-tuning and recommended maintenance.

This is the book to buy before you buy the Kuhnhausen book.
Hi BOLANTEJ, I'm new to the 1911A1 format style pistol myself. I found "The .45 Automatic" book at my local gun show. It's a American Rifleman Reprint and I payed a wooping $3.00, for it.This book has the best assembly pictures of any I've seen yet. It covers all the 1911 style pistols, there history, trials, serial numbers and performance. This book has load data, and a section making your 1911 shoot straight. It's only 25 pages long, but really informitive. If you can't find it locally, try the NRA, as its an NRA publication.

Happiness is "25 straight"
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