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About a year ago, I started getting back into 1911's. I had a Colt CCO that worked fairly well, but not 100%. I sold it and obtained a Springfield LW Operator which has been 100% flawless, but with the rail is not good for CC especially with light clothing.

While I've kept the LW Op, I wanted something smaller. On recommendation I bought a Kimber Ultra Covert, which was less than ideal. It had to go back to Kimber and still wasn't 100% when I got it back. I sold it for a Kimber ProCDP. The Pro has been good, but it too is not 100% and I mean with ball.

I thought since my LW Op was 100% out the box with everything, I might have better luck with the Springfield Micro 3". I've heard both good and bad, problem is/was they been nearly impossible for me to find and my dealer to order. Well I stumbled on a new one from another local dealer, that they just got in last week. They didn't put it out in display, and I just happened to ask if they had one. I nearly wet myself when he came back with a box and sure enough a Springfield Micro. Slide to frame fit is tight and tighter than the LW Op. Nice for a Brazil frame. Trigger has more creep, but is fairly good. No other issues with fitment or finish. The anodized frame finish is holding up well and seems very durable.

I picked it up Friday and between Saturday and today, have put
100 rds Winchester 230gr ball, 100 Aquila 230 gr ball, 50 rds Independence 230 gr ball, 40 rnds Speer 185gr GDHP and 15rds Hornady TAP 230 grain HP.

All functioned flawlessly out the box except the Hornady.
I am very impressed with the functionality out of the box of this little 1911. Shoots about 1" low @ 21' but the groups were very, very good.

Nothing needs changing on this baby! :rock:
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