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4 inch slide and bull barrel. Officer frame. MGW website offers a 13 pound recoil and 23lb mainspring, (?).
Parkerized steel slide and alloy frame. Purchased new in January 2021. Weight 2:03.6 Lbs/oz with Wilson 8 round ETM and 8 +1 124gr +P Speer gold dot ammo.

Did not run well with the SA supplied magazines. No issue with the Wilson ETM 8 round flush fit and 10 round extended mags for carry. Also runs well on MEC-GAR 9 rounders at the range.
I have run it on Winchester 124gr NATO and Speer gold dot 124gr +P with no issues.

SA website now shows this pistol as discontinued.
I carry it everyday. Milt Sparks Summer Special 2.

January to May 500 rounds. No issue after putting away the factory magazines.
Take down requires a paperclip or supplied takedown tool to remove the recoil assy.
Shoots to POA with no adjustments. Overall very pleased with this weapon.
Did not come with the Hillary lock MSH
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