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It sounds like your slide and frame rails are not true with each other. There is usually not enough material in the wall of the dust cover to remove for clearance, without weakening the dust cover. I'd send it back to Springfield again. Call their Customer Service, explain the problem and ask them to send a UPS "call tag", so they pick up the shipping.

If I'm understanding your extractor question correctly, you are not able to push the round back against the breechface, when you have the round in place under the extractor hook. The tip off was the mark in the extractor groove.
The front face of the extractor should not touch the case in the forward bevel of the extractor groove. Slowly stone it back until iit just clears. This kind of interference can lead to breakage of the extractor claw.
The tip of the claw also should not touch the deepest part of the extractor groove. Lightly stone the tip of the claw, until it doesn't touch. Use several brand new cases to check.

I'd get the dust cover issue resolved first, before working on the extractor. If you want to replace the extractor with a good stainless steel one, get in touch with Don Williams at Action Works. He makes a good one! Good Luck!
John Harrison

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