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Springfield Dealer Program

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This may have been discussed already, but I just heard about it and thought it worth mentioning. RSR just contacted my dealer and informed him that Springfield was offerring a program whereby dealers could purchase 10 guns directly from SA. RSR faxed him the form and the dealer had to buy 4 mandatory guns, and then he could select 6 more from a list of something like 10 or 12, to make a total of 10. Dealer then faxes the form to SA and they direct ship them to the dealer. These were not oddball guns that SA was trying to dump. Of the 4 required guns, I recall that one was a parkerized loaded w/nite sights, one a stainless loaded, and so on. On the list of 10 or 12 were compact and sub compact versions, some with dovetailed nite sights, some stainless, and a mil spec. You might want to mention this to your dealers, because the prices seemed very good. For instance, wholesale on a 2001 milspec is something like $410. My dealer recently got me one for $399 and I snatched it up. Price on this program is $380. Even if your dealer can't afford 5000+ on 10 guns, you might keep this in mind if you see a bunch of new SA at a gun show, dealer might have a little more latitude on bargaining price.
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Well, my dealer received 5 of his 10 guns today. 2 parkerized loaded w/night sites, 1 blue loaded, 1stainless Champion w/night sites, and one parkerized loaded steel Ultra Compact w/night sights. I grabbed one of the parkerized with night sites because I really like the one I already have (never hurts to have a spare). Going to wait now for the lightweight parkerized Compact w/night sites. Biggest surprise, at least for me, was that these are the first standard (without the night sights) that I have seen in the 2001 versions. All came with the slight carry bevel and all had dovetailed front sights. Small improvements, but worthwhile.
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