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Hi! I bought a used Springfield 1911 a few months ago, and was curious how old the gun was, and contacted Springfield with the info I had on the gun. The reply I got just said that the gun was assembled at the Springfield factory, and that the frame was made out of town. Maybe someone here can help me. Here's the info: The slide is market Springfield Armory Model 1911-A1, but the frame is market Federal Ordnance inc. S.E.M. CA. and has a 7 digit serial number, starting with 890. The trigger guard on the right side is market with Peters Stahl, which is a German company that makes 1911's based on (I think) the Springfield frame. The barrel has no markings except that it says Springfield Armory .45 Auto on it. Does anyone know anything about this gun or how old it might be?

Thanks in advance
J. Eriksson
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