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The current hi-cap model is a G.I., and I don't think Springfield made the hi-cap as a Mil-Spec prior to that. That is, I'm not aware of any hi-cap Mil-Specs from Springfield that aren't G.I. models. The Springfield hi-caps have a few parts that are not compatible with single stack 1911s, so if you need replacements, you don't have the same wide variety of choices. I just got a new G.I. hi-cap, and it appears to be a very well-made gun. The list price is well over $500, so a used one in excellent condition should be worth at least $375.
If the seller is a competitive shooter, then the gun could have a lot of rounds through it (not necessarily, though). I know guys who shoot hundreds of rounds a week, as practice for shooting a couple of hundred more in weekend matches. I'd make sure that wear isn't just from holstering.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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