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Springfield producing Blue/Parkerize 38 Supers?

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I was at a firearms store Thursday. Originally I went to see if they could order me a Colt Commander. During the visit I spotted a Springfield Milspec 38 Super in what looked to be a polish blue. I bought a Parkerize Super back in June of 03. Later that year I found out they stop making 38 Supers in Parkerize. It was a shock for me to see it. The price was not bad either 600 bucks.

After a while, a clerk came over, and ask me if I need help. I asked him about ordering a Colt Commander for me. He told me Colt was sold to Springfield, a new Commander was going to cost me around 1,900 dollars, the BS did not ended. The guy was Really rude. He pretty much called me a liar when I told him that his info was wrong. I got upset because all I wanted to know was if he could order me a gun or not. I did not ask him for a lesson on Colt 101. Especially with all the BS he was preaching. I was actually excited about seeing the 38 Springfield ( rare in CA ). I told him to forget about it and walked out the store. I am not the type who likes to argue, even if I am right.

This really sucks cause they have that 38 Super I really want. Well, I already have two of them, want another one.(parkerize/nickel). I was going to buy the Super, had not it been for the clerk that made me upset. I really don't want to go back to the store. Do any of you know if Springfield is producing them? If they are, I could prob order one through a different ffl. I guess I should have just bought the Springer instead of inquiring for a Colt.

PS: Have not had time to Call Springfield about about status of production.
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