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Springfield TRP problem?

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I bought a TRP last week, I have noticed that when cycling the slide by hand without a magazine in place the hammer will follow the slide forward at times. I've put 150 rounds through it, this does not happen while firing live ammunition. Also, does not happen all the time, just if I vigorously cycle the slide. Problem?
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I doubt it. Get another 500-1,000 rounds through it to get it well broken in and see if the problem continues. If it does, your dept armorer may be able to help you, or send it back to Springfield. They have GREAT customer service.

Good luck,
Billy Ray
If the gun were mine I would call Springfield and get their input. The hammer should not follow the slide down in this situation. Sooner or later the gun may double(or more)which is not a fun experience especially in a range setting.IMHO
Gun should not be doing this. Send it back to Springfield.
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