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sringfield armory now in the polymer glock business

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anyone familiar with the HS2000,
9mm refered to as the croation sensation,of which I m an owner
will now be buying this firearm from springfield armory
it is referred to by them as the XD extreme duty pistol
I don't know if the bought out HSamerica or Intrac or did an endrun around both and made a deal with the croation government
for those not familiar with the gun it was designed in croatia during their civil war as a military sidearm it is built like a tank is very accurate and has a grip safety like a 1911
to get some name recognition they released their guns in america at a very low price to flood the market I got mine for 249.00
and it is as rugged as my glock and more accurate
now that springfield is producing the gun you can kiss the low prce goodbye
but it would be a great value at twice what I payed
if you get one you will not regret it
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Doesn't seem like a very good time to be getting into the polymer frame business does it? Kind of like Browning bringing out the hi capacity BDM at least 5-8 years after everybody else did.

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