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Stainless 1911 in presentation box

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Okay, this may sound stupid, but here goes ...

At my work, we have a massive project with a deadline of 12/31/01. As an incentive, they are giving gifts to a select few that are instrumental to the completion of the project if we make our deadline. For me, they want to give a nice 1911 with a presentation box.

What I'm looking for is some sort of nice, accurate 1911. My idea of nice & accurate is: stainless finish, grips with a medallion (like a Gold Cup or Wilson Combat), adjustable sights, adjustable trigger. Also something that has a nice wooden presentation box with a felt-type lining.

Now, I'm not looking for something that I will pet once a year and put away. I want something that I can shoot without feeling guilty. In other words, no limited or rare commemoratives that would lose significant value if you cock the hammer or something.

Personally, I would love a Wilson Combat Classic, but that might be out of the price range which is probably around $1200-1500.

I currently have a Springfield Mil-Spec, and if the WC is out of reach, I think a Colt would be a nice addition.

Are there pistols out there that match the above criteria? Is a presentation box a simple add-on if the pistol does not come with one?

Thanks in advance for any opinions,
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You can get very nice presentation cases at;


I`ve got one of Ed`s in Cherry wood, I`m well pleased with it....
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