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stainless government

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Just returned from my first trip to the range with my new MKIV series 80. I bought this from a coworker that had nerver fired it since he bought it in 1985. @50 rounds including some of my reloads, all I can say is WOW!! No jams or any malfunctions at all.
Consider me a convert!
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You lucky dog, I have been looking all over for one in the Sac area
No luck yet
Have any other friends with 1911's they want to get rid of???
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191145, sorry I don't know of anyone else that has one for sale. My post should have read 250 rounds. All were 230 grain ball.To say I'am pleased would be an understatment.I'am sure I'll have guestion latter to ask this board. Thanks to all.
Welcome Convert Hawk,

The 1911 is hard to beat, even one thats been in hiding for 15 years.
The early pre-Enhanced stainless guns were well made, perhaps a little better than the blued ones. I have one that I actually put together from two different pistols! Get this: I wanted a pre-Enhanced stainless for years, but I couldn't find one. Finally I see one in a gunshop that had all sort of things done to the frame, including a pathetic attempt at squaring the trigger guard that ruined it. Later I see another one with a crappy job of machining for adjustable sights. Soon the light bulb goes off in my head. A quick call to gunshop #1 confirms they still had their ugly duckling. Bought both guns, swapped parts around to make one pristine, factory-correct example, then sold the Frankenpistol off to a pawn shop that didn't know any better. Now I finally have a STS Gov't, though it took quite an effort!

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Dsk, that is one of the most beautiful guns I have ever seen! I'm drooling!!
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DSK you should have kept the other pistol for a custom base gun. I know better than to get cheated. But I get cheated everytime I buy one. The pawn shop knows this too probably. Colt gun with nothing to do but customize. Sounds a little to good to me. Got the shops number and what are they asking for it?
No, I didn't want to keep it. The frame was basically ruined. In an attempt to square the triggerguard off a previous owner kept grinding until the front face of the guard was paper-thin and razor-sharp. I looked into having it welded up and the concensus was that any attempt would just warp the frame. I sold it for a cheap price, so if anybody bought it afterward they hopefully got a good deal on a potential "Fitz Special" conversion.

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Cherry pistol, DSK. Congrats on your innovative thinking -- enjoy your new toy!

I wonder why we waste our lives here,
when we could run away to paradise.

But I am caught in some invisible vice
and I can't get away.

To live and die in L.A.
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I have seen one that was LEO issue with stamping as SDPD. According to the dealer, it was sent back to Colt and refurbished. It comes with a carboard box with paperwork just like a NIB but the price is $759.00 What do you guys think? Should I go for it?

Protect LIFE...you only have ONE.

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