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Staked Front Site

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how would one go about removing a staked on front site without marring it up too badly? Also, what could one use, besides a front site staking tool, to put it back on?

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It's removed with a punch of the proper diameter.

I've experimented with using a little left-over Acraglass epoxy to secure a new sight without staking,and grinding off the extra with my mototool.Used this method with my Delta Elite,it hasn't shot off yet...
With your slide securely in a padded vise, remove (grind) the expanded portion (stem) of the old sight with a dremel tool and a small carbide (round) bit. Once you have that removed take a punch and carefully punch out the old sight. Installation of the new sight will require that you make sure that the new sight is flat and square in the slide. The sight will have to supported from underneath so it doesn't move when you stake it (I use a small steel anvil under the sight). Place a few drops of loctite (permanent) in the channel between the sight stem and the slide. Let dry completely! I suggest that you use a staking tool (you can get an Arsenal Staking Tool from King's gunparts $19.95). Three or four blows on the staking tool from a ball peen hammer to expand the stem in the channel. Check to make sure that your sight is still flat and square, if not you will have to reset the sight in the slide and stake again! Remove any metal from the stem that has expanded beyond the channel (or your barrel bushing will not fit). That's it! If you are not comfortable with all the work, send it out. The fee for replacing a new sight with most gunsmiths is very small 25 - 30 dollars. They are responsible if they screw it up!

Sorry for the Thesis!
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Attempting to reinstall a staked front sight just plain will not work.
You need to install a new one, with a long enough tang, to be able to peen it over.
Removing them is fun, I just grap the sight in a vise and twist and pull!
The modern Colt's are really in there, baby!
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