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Originally posted by NMS:

sorry....i should have clarified....i actually was refering to grip...as in weaver or isos....or any of the many modern combos
No doubt this is the thread that will not die.

Getting late so I will be brief. Basically there has devoloped so much confusion over terminology and personal style that we have about given up on the old terms.

Ron Avery's "Modern ISO" looks almost exactly Like my "Weaver" but it will depend on the situation at the time. Not to be short but there is a lot of stuff in the archive about a month ago so we don't have to repeat it.

Essentially, we are now going to use the term "Dynamic Shooting Platform" instead of either. What I would never want to do is to change a guy who had a useable "stance" or "positon" And of course we advocate dynamic movement either during, before or after shooting so those words might give a wrong conotation except for learning the most basic of fundamentals.

Jim Higginbotham
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