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Stand with a Patriot for Property Rights!

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Hi All.
I did a quick search and didn't find anything so hear goes.
Mike is a really great guy and put yourselves in his position. Please donate if you can. I did what I could.
Thank you all!!

Hey everyone, most of us in the hobbies of reenacting, muzzleloading, rendezvous, antique firearms, etc. either know, or have heard of Mike Beliveau. Mike has a passion for history and firearms, and he finds these great old guns, puts them to the test, and writes neat articles. Like many of us he has a little tract of land where he goes to escape the world and shoot his guns. Now, the Township of North Hopewell, PA, where his little "Duelist's Den" is located has unilaterally decided that Mike is operating an illegal gun range. He has tried to appeal to the powers that be, but so far they have told him that he can hunt on his property, shoot legal game on his property, but that he cannot set up a target and practice shooting without violating the ordinance prohibiting shooting ranges.
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hehehahahaha - he OWNS the land, and it's vacant, and he shoots there - and they claim THAT is illegal?

He can tell them he's "homeless" and they are infringin' his rights, sheesh.

That is the ultimate bull****.. Buy one of those damned yard-sheds.
It is the ultimate bull hockey but that does not mean that those bholes will give up and go away. My friend in Frederick county went through the same BS. You just get an anti group of county officials and their crony anti gun judge and unless your pockets are really deep, they can just shut you down. I saw it happen.
FDM1 ----------------- So now these people whom you describe as Anti-Rights and COMMUNIST (that you say fear for their lives, but NOT from bullets????) are TRANSGENDER too?

That's incredible! :rolleyes:
Yep and their mother wears combat boots.
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Ahhhhh, so that’s what that phrase was meant for…🤣
I watched the whole video. The beef that the township has is that he does not have a residence on the land (and building one is not allowed) and, thus, as a shooting-only venue they consider it an operating range. Not just backyard shooting. ------- Now that IS a stretch, as the law on range requirements is quite apparently worded to address commercial, public operations. NOT his one-man web show.
So I think what needs to happen is for a judge to recognize that the spirit of the law in question is not being violated by this one dude's hobby. House or no house.

And I hope he prevails on that because, on the face of it so far, it appears to be an abusive, misapplication of that ordinance.

However, as I mentioned earlier, he did have the responsibility of checking out the legality of his intended use before buying the property. As a Realtor I would have advised him up, down, & sideways on that.
I think that in addition to the Go-Fundme page, he should also post the email of the official's office so us guys can send our opinions of what looks to be unreasonable application of law. The physical mailing address as well. Not everyone can/will donate money but PLENTY will send an email!
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Absolutely! Every township has an entire list of its “Aldermen” or whatever they are called there. Let’s have the email addresses!! I will threaten to move there…..that ought to straighten this thing out. He could also warn them of a decision to start a pig farm if he’s not allowed to shoot anymore. 🐽
In my subjective opinion - money is what this guy needs about 99% of the advice posted has no effect down at city hall. I believe he stated this property is in a conservation set aside most likely he could not obtain a building permit if so desired. I would be very surprised if at this point if authorities would even issue a building permit even with out the conservation Set aside . I will be donating, money is his only solution for a positive resolution .
I see this to be SOMEWHAT similar to having a bar in your rec room and having local authorities trying to apply tavern/ innkeeper rules to your "operation" Marked restrooms, EXIT signs, age limit posted on front door, etc.

That's what this appears to be akin to. At least from this one-sided explanation. We know very little from the Township's perspective.
That is very well put, and should be used at the next Township meeting. It wont take long for the two village idiots that are opposed to expose themselves. Then they can be individually targeted for unfair treatment based on personal reasons, such as, at least one of them is a neighbor. My money is on the one with the bouffant hairdo that looks like a screech owl.
Theres actually a real story behind that one.....she was defeated whilst sitting on the planning commission.
Despite the posted allegations that the motives of Mike's opponents are based in Anti-Freedom sentiments & undefined fears, oddly combined with transgender issues, I still believe what I posted earlier: That someone doesn't like the noise and/or has worries about errant bullets. Which, btw, ARE legitimate legitimate concerns for anyone living near a shooting venue.

A look at the damaged ceiling of many indoor ranges shows that people beyond Mike's backstop could still get whacked with a Minie Ball if he screws up.

Anyhow, I think that the defendant is probably being singled-out because of his lack of a residence on-site makes him vulnerable, per the law. So the ankle-biters are taking advantage of that.

Mike's best recourse probably being that the law appears to address public ranges, not his type of use. Now, could the complainer(s) claim that Mike's use is "commercial" because he earns a few bucks on TikTok ? -------------------- Maybe? But that's a big stretch too. There's probably influencers in that town that earn money posting their cooking tips from their home kitchens. That's a far cry from being a restaurant. I hope he wins AND recovers his legal expenses.
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Anti-Freedom sentiments & undefined fears, oddly combined with transgender issues,
😆 Although perhaps not applicable to this event…those dogs do hunt together….
But yes, I certainly agree that someONE is afraid of errant projectiles. It is important that the agitant be sought out and educated about the safety and awareness that the defendant follows. Sometimes, if they see the side of the mountain you are shooting at, the barking stops. But, if he’s launching ammo into the trees, not so much…..
Thanks for that DSK. Looks like he’s in good hands. Seems like a complete misinterpretation of the law. My money is on the neighbor as the rat. The Township officers are going to be pissed if it goes to court and they have to pay the fees personally!
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