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Star PD parts

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Anyone know of a source for PD parts such as the recoil assembly?

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I don't know any sources of PD parts since Interarms went away. Why do you need a new recoil assembly? The plastic recoil buffer on the PD is junk and can be removed and replaced with a Wilson Shok Buff. Also recoil springs are available from Wolff. The std. spring is very weak - about 12-14 lbs. I have used a 16lb. and still feel than an 18 or 20 lb. would be better. Also I replaced the magazine follower and spring with a kit from Wilson for the Colt Officers model. The round top plastic follower and the h.d. spring work fine with the increased power recoil spring. The gun feeds and functions 100% and the accuracy of the little thing is truely amazing.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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