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STI Mags - cut springs?

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I have some new 140mm mags with dawson or Arredondo basepads. I can only get 14 rounds in them - should I cut a coil or two off or wait until I shoot a few hundred rounds through them?

Thanks, JOhn
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wait - also try mag loader to help put rounds in first before cutting - you may have to up one at a time with a day inbetween to get all the rounds in
Thanks I will try that..
Load the mags fully and let 'em sit for a 2 - 3 days. They will take a set, and be easier to load next time.
I had four new STI 140 mags set up by a rather well known 'smith in Texas. I could only get 18 rounds in and I had to tap them on a table while using a loading tool. Sent them off to Beven Gram for him to work his magic on. Beven reshapes the mags, uses the correct springs and followers and puts his base pad on. I can now load 20 rounds easily and the mags are tuned to perfection and run flawlessly.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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