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I live VERY close to STI and I have been looking into thier products. I just had a couple of questions about the article though.

It did not state where he placed if at all with the production pistol.

And "After returning the pistol, Zoran stated that the pistol performed beyond his expectations and that he was very grateful to the sales team from STI International for helping a shooter out in a time of need."

Wonder why he did not buy that pistol, or indicate that he would even look into buying one of STI's products. I know those guys have sponsorships. but if he truly thought that highly of the pistol he would plug the product. I am not saying that STI is bad or anything close to that. Was just curious on those points. Just that they almost made the article sound as if he was appreciative of the charity, but the pistol really did not do all that well???
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