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dapolice1 said:
It did not state where he placed if at all with the production pistol.
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Not that that had anything to do with the pistol.

Wonder why he did not buy that pistol, or indicate that he would even look into buying one of STI's products.
It's likely that based on where he's from (which is listed as Montenegro in the results) he can't just buy a gun in another country... just like we can't just buy a gun in Mexico or Canadia.

I know those guys have sponsorships, but if he truly thought that highly of the pistol he would plug the product.
Uh... not quite. Very few people have sponsorships. How would he go about plugging the product to your satisfaction?

Just that they almost made the article sound as if he was appreciative of the charity, but the pistol really did not do all that well???
The pistol did exactly what it was supposed to do: function. If he couldn't turn that into a "win" against a ridiculously thick field, well, he—like all of us—needs to practice more. ;)
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