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Sticky grip safety

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I'm fearing that I picked up a lemon. The grip safety on a Delta I picked up actually sticks closed when you press it down, then after a couple of seconds, it pops back up. It's a Browns w/ memory groove and seems to be blended in the frame rather nicely. Also the trigger is heavy. Could the two coincide? It has an aftermarket trigger (Videcki) and hammer as well, so I'm assuming it has had a trigger job done. There is no creep, but it's a heavy bugger.
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I'm thinking your sear spring may be out of whack.

The right hand leaf controls the grip safety return. You may need to bend the leaf out a bit to put more pressure on the grip safety. Make sure the safety isn't dragging on the frame somewhere.

The left hand leaf rides on the sear, and the middle leaf contacts the disconnector and trigger bow. These two leafs play a big part in trigger adjustment and feel.

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Hi Birch,
It sounds like your grip safety was not fit correctly and the sear spring was tuned on the stiff side to help the grip safety return. Check the bottom of the grip safety to see if its catching on the top of the mainspring housing. Also check the sides of the grip safety to see if one or the other is sticking in the frame.Also the nose of the grip safety may be hanging up on the trigger bow.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com

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