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I went to the range today and shot 50 rounds through my BHP40 and I was being bitten. I don't think it's the hammer, I think it might be the slide. Whatever the cause, after the first magazine, I put a glove on. I replaced the hammer, that shouldn't still be happening. Maybe my hands are just that fat.

After adding a second pic (older grips) I am seeing the hammer comes lower than I thought. Maybe it is the hammer.

I also had a weird issue with the trigger reset. A few times, I had to remove my finger from the trigger to get a reset. I am fine with the accuracy and controls. There seems to be a lot of flip. The recoil is fine - much easier than the 45 from the 3" gun and much much lighter than the 10mm (that is really felt).
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It's definitely those 1st grips so just dump them on me and I'll take care of them for you.
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