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I dearly love my SA GI and in attempting to keep with the original configuration and somewhat loose fit of the pistol, there are certain parts I'd like to keep stock. I've already put in one of the C&S drop in 5 piece kits with spur hammer, and I plan to put in an EGW HD 45 extractor and OS FPS, along with a C&S forged slide stop. The mainspring housing and parts are all replacements, as is the firing pin, firing pin spring, and recoil spring.

Even with those parts in, the pistol will maintain its series 70/A1 configuration. However, I am slightly concerned with the quality of the bushing, barrel link, and thumb safety. As of right now, (with minor fitting to the new C&S sear) the manual safety works perfectly, and I plan to keep it as long as its viable as I don't particularly care to have to have a new one fit, even if I could find exactly what I'm looking for.

The barrel bushing as of right now is a bit loose, there is fore and aft play to it, made even more evident by the recoil spring plug pushing forward on it.

I really enjoy the somewhat loose relationship all the parts have with each other, but I just want to make sure I'm not going to shear the lugs off the bushing and have it go downrange one day, or the thumb safety snap some part off.

I'm thinking my concerns are somewhat unfounded, but I'd just like to hear it from those of you with far more rounds downrange and vastly more expertise than I have in my few years of gun ownership and shooting experience.
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