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Decided it would be a good day to shoot my RIA 10mm. Set up the target at 15 yards.

First 3 shots, dead center. Thought this was going to be a very good day. Well, next 6-7 shots are all over the place. OK, slow down and try again. Still going all over the place.

Took a look at the year LDA site, and notice the windage screw all the way out and back end of sight is moved all the way it can to the right. Had my trusty little screwdriver with me, tighten it back up and centered the rear sight.

Next 10-15 shots are still flying all over the place, now I am thoroughly stumped. Took a look at the rear sight again, and all seems fine. Glanced at the front sight and noticed it was off to the right. Took a look at it and now find the front FO is loose as can be in the dovetail and moving with every shot left, right or center.

At least my Fusion 45 was fine, so day wasn't completely wasted.
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