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Supernam said:
I'm thinking about investing in a good multipurpose light. My eyes are on the Strion. If anyone has experience with this light please contribute. This is the new litium ion battery powered so im really curious. We all know that lit-ion batteries are powerful and long lasting compared to NiMh, but how do they compare to 123 litiums? Also I like li-ion because they don't hold a charge "memory" when it comes to recharging, so they don't have to discharge fully to be recharged.

Does it have an adjustable beam pattern. I'd actually prefer that it DOESN'T.

Can this light serve well as a "tactical" light (sorry for using the T word :p )?

How does the brightness and beam pattern compare to say a Surefire G2 or 6P? I know the methods of measuring lumens aren't standard from manufacturer to manufacturer.

How do you feel about the recharging system? Does it shut off by itself when the battery is full or do you have to time it?

Any comments or recommendations on a better lighting tool would be greatly appreciated. I just want to be sure that I'm spending 100 bux wisely.

Love my Strion... I use it as a duty light. Yes, you can charge it anytime seeing the batteries do not have a memory. It dose have an adjustable beam. Projection is very far for such a compact light. Recharging system will not let you overcharge the battery. The charger does blink when the light is fully charged. There is also a safty shut off built into the light to shut it off when the battery gets to a low condition to prevent damage to battery and light. I think this light is a very versitile little unit...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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