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Stupid question

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Where is the correct placement for a recoil buffer? FWIW--on a Kimber Compact.
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Between the Frame Bridge in the valley of the Dustcover, and the Recoil Spring/Guiderod assembly. It is suppose to "Dampen" the shock.

The Compact may not have enough room to run one... There are some that are thinner than the majority of the ones out there like the Wilson's. That may be the choice you need to consider.

Personally, I avoid them. Just another thing to cause the gun to choke. Even with proper maintenance, you will probably find that you're changing them every 200-300 rounds, for me, that could be a range session. Some have run them more than 500 rounds, and the buffer shows no sign's of wear, and not cut's, but in a tight/short action(stroke) gun, that may not always be the case... YMMV...
Thanks jaydee. Your reply is greatly appreciated.
ACTUALLY, according to Kimber, you shouldn't use a shock Buffer on any of their 4 inch or smaller guns. And I think that Wilson also advises against it, but no sure.
yep. they say their guns are too tight to fit shock-buffs. those guns will last you a lifetime anyways. don't worry about it. good shootin'.

Nothing like to smell of Breakfree to make my day complete.
Spring it properly, and the only correct place is in the garbage.
Wolff also advises against using a shock buffer on a Pro Carry. I still tried it but found it made the feeding/ejection erratic. The gun worked much better after I removed it.
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