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Has anyone got any idea what percentage you should back off on powder weight when substituting Large MAGNUM pistol primers for Large Pistol?

...I can always start at the minimum and work it up again, but the load is a 200gr SWC Jacketed in .451 diameter, over 8-9grains of AA#5 and it is extremely reliable and accurate. I'm just out of Large Pistol Primers but have tons of Large Magnum Pistol Primers!
I also thought it would still be a great factor to know if there's an Ex "shortage" of primers in the future

Thanks In Advance...


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There is no predictable percentage. Too many variables. I have seen data where substituting magnum primers caused a big increase in pressure, and, less often, where it made little or no difference.

I have also seen data where it reduced velocity variation and improved accuracy, but more often the reverse.

Substitution will probably make less difference in the .45 than in a higher pressure cartridge, but you will have to work up the load to find out for sure.
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