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Recently traded for a SS Gold Match that had "about 50 rounds" through it. After checking it over discovered that the grip safety was inop. Took it to the range and it wouldn't fire due to the disconnector sticking down when the slide was operated. Was I bummed. Took gun to local Master Dealer who told me to send it to Kimber. Called Kimber's 1-800 number who redirected me to the Custom Shop for warrentee work. Talked to Dennis, after slight convincing he said send it in and it would be turned around within 24 hours of receipt. Last Tuesday, sent it next day air to Yonkers, arrived Wednesday, shipped back to me next day air on Thursday, in my hands functioning perfectly on Friday, no charge even though I am not the original owner. Kimber replaced the beavertail safety, did something to the disconnector to fix it, and made the trigger crisper at my request. At the range yesterday shot 300 rounds, ball, hollow point, Hydroshocks, not a single problem, no FTF or FTE with sub 2" groups at 25'. Great target gun, better than I am for sure.

Couple of learning points, be sure and ask for reimbursement for shipping, you won't get it but will get two free mags, I got two 8 rounder stainless mags marked "Kimber" on the bottom. "Buyer beware" when trading on the internet for a sight unseen gun, folks probably get rid of their lemons this way. This is the second gun (other was a Colt) I have bought over the internet and both had problems.

Bottom line ... Kimber treated me more than right, this is my second Kimber and won't be my last!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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