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surprised with my new 1991stainless Commander features!!

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A few weeks ago I purchased an unfired stainless 1991 Commander that had been lightly 'tricked out' by the owner (a machinest). He had cut a perfect dovetail in the front and installed Novak sights, an ambi safety, cocobolo grips, and I had assumed a Colt 'Enhanced' style beavertail and an XS style hammer. All looks just like it came from the factory.

I called a gun dealer friend of mine that lives an hour and a half from me and he had a new 1991 stainless Commander on hand, I said I would come over and pick it up today. I assumed that it would have the short beavertail and old style commander hammer that the blued one on Colts web site had, but when I got there and opened the box, low and behold, it had the XS style hammer and 'Enhanced' style grip safety! Way cool! The blade type sight may not look as cool as the Novaks, but they are every bit as usable + they would work better if you had to work the slide off your belt too. The gun is tight with a nice trigger, Colt is putting out a heck of a good product and I got it for just under $600.00 out the door with tax. I am a happy camper!

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I was surprised by mine also-especially the "dehorning" job breakign all the points to the fore and aft of the slide. Took her out and broke her in today-it was kinda rough, a few stoppages, but I might have gone a little heave on the rails with rig+p. also the hole for the plunger button thingie in the slide was kinda rough, so I smoothed it out with some 400 grit wet dry. also polished the rails too with a little fitz polish and a felt dremel attachment.
I'm running it with militec-1, and might pick up some of their new grease-I've heard you need to lube a ss weapon a little differently.
currently I'm trying to find some dark wood/ebony grips with the horsie in them. or might go with charcoal siverwood dymondwood from brownells.
might also slap on a novak carry black rear sight, so I just have to worry about the front dot.
and the alessi cqc-s is on the way.
i have hk's, glocks and sigs, but I always go back to colts. they just feel right.
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