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Father firing his new SW1911, me with my Colt gov't, the guy next to me with his Taurus 9mm.

Guess who didn't have any malfunctions? ::we hear a whinny in the distance:: :D

But anyway, the Smith was nifty over all. I really loved the grippy MSH...so much that I'll probably get something similar for my current 1911 (Colt Gov't) and any other 1911s I might get.

Seemed to have less (and smoother) percieved recoil than my Colt too. Does anyone know the poundage of the spring in the SWs?

The trigger was a little harder, but also crisper than my Colt. Breaks at about 5 lbs even.

It had one failure to feed in 150 rounds of 230 grain FMJ CCI Blazer in 36 degree weather. It happened at about the 100 round mark with a Chip McCormick 10 round magazine (not the factory wilson mag). It took a few Winchester SXTs without incident as well.

Accuracy, well I only shot a mag or two offhand, and I wasn't really paying close attention to it, but according to him, at 25 yards, "It's putting 'em right down the middle"...whatever that means.

This was also the first "suped up" 1911-style pistol I ever shot too. Never shot with an upswept beaver-tail, or sights which were any nicer than those on the current Colt NRM Gov't. I learned, however, that I really don't need them.

I love the MSH though!
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