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Swap for a Hardened Slide

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Question about my CMP Rack Grade.
I want to shoot my pistol often but it has a typical WWII Colt slide with an untold amount of rounds.
I’m really considering trading my Colt slide for a hardened USGI slide.
Will that affect any value or collectibility? Also would it be a wise decision for a direct swap including the Flannery barrel for a chrome lined USGI replacement barrel?

Thanks for your advice.
Happy Thanksgiving


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I respect both opinions and we don't have to change each other. I'm a "caretaker" not necessarily a user. I try to keep things in at least as good a condition as they were when I got them. I never had a chance to own a GI 1911 until the CMP program. What I got was a pistol that could have been issued in the 80s, not one in the configuration that could have been issued to my dad in WWII. I knew it was the luck of the draw and took my chance. Never been lucky.
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