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Switch to Flat MSH?

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Frankenpistol has an arched MSH. I'm starting to notice some difficulty in getting the pistol to bed securely in my hand (my hands are a bit small) and thought a flat MSH would help.

I've read the previos threads on changing out the housing, so that's no biggie, but I'd like some opinions on my logic regarding the swap.


Steve "El Roto" G.
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El Roto,
I think the flat MSH could help you with your grip since you have small hands. I would say to give it a try. Another possibility is to also try some of the slim grip panels. If you don't already have a beaver tail grip safety, I would go for this too, and get the undercut where the forestrap meets the trigger guard. All of this mods will make the pistol sit deeper in your hand, especially one of the beavertails like the Brown. You will be surprised how it will change the geometry of the grip.
El Roto:

I have small hands, and can't really use an arched MSH. I ride the safety, and with a flat MSH it's hard enough to fully depress the grip safety. With an arched MSH I have lots of trouble. My hands aren't very meaty / fleshy, which compounds the problem. I think Slo cat has the right idea with the high-ride beavertail and the flat MSH. Give it a try.
El Roto:

Got the same small-hands problem. A flat MSH, thin grips and short trigger solved my stubby fingers solved it. Try the flat MSH first, it's not too spendy, and no frame mods required. See how it feels and how you shoot with it (it probably will change your "natural" POI).
Thanks, gents! I'll make sure Santa stuffs a flat MSH in my stocking.
I didn't think I had small hands until I found I had trouble with consistent trigger-finger placement on the trigger of my Para P12.

The 'fat grip' of the Para is a problem, especially when I alternate between the Para and a standard 1911.

A solution that worked well for me was installing a short trigger on the Para.

Triggers are inexpensive and easy to fit and. like swapping mainspring housings, it's easy to restore if you don't like it.

Hope this helps!
I have XL sized hands and still change out all my 1911's to the flat mainspring housing. It just feels right.

Good luck!

Packin' 45
I agree with everyone here,but Packin hit my answer.My hands are probably medium sized,but the arched seems to dig into the center of my palm.The flat feels much better.Initially the gun wanted to point low after the change,but a little practice cured that.A short trigger makes a huge difference also,but they're too short for me.The undercut frontstrap and Brown beaver are something mandatory on my shooters,but not necessary.I can shoot just as well without them,but they just aren't as comfortable to me.They do seem to lessen percieved recoil though,and that is always a good thing.Take care and Happy Holidays.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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