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Switching from SA to Colt.

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I had it with SA's low quality. They are POS period. There is a very good reason why they are made in Brazi. It's not because SA cares about quality, it's so they can increase their profit margin. My next 1911 will be the XS or XSE. I was dumb to buy a SA. I guess there is a sucker born everyday to keep SA going.
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Everybody ships out the occasional POS. Exactly what went on with your SA? The only real gripe I have with them is that they feel like blocky slabs and have sharp edges.

D. Kamm
USGI M1911/M1911A1 Pistols Website
The entire gun was warped, or wavy. The rear sights came loose after a few rounds. Rust was already forming on the front of the trigger guard. The front of the slide was rubbing against the dust cover, which may be due to the warp issue.
My parkerized SA seems to be of good quality, though I agree with dsk on how it feels compared to my Remington Rand pistol. I intend to get a new Colt in the next few months. The SA shoots well, fit and finish are good; I just prefer the more rounded front strap of Colt. This SA does not have the Brazil stamp anywhere either...I don't know if that is significant.
There is an article on them in the latest American Rifleman. It says they are made in Geneseo, Ill. And have made guns there for 15 years. I think the new locking mainspring design is a good one. I am glad you stated your opinion and trouble with yours sean. And I hope you have better luck with your next 1911. And like dsk said there are the lemons from all mass builders out there.
I have two Colts and two SAs. My old blue SA has been completely reliable and exceedingly accurate. My newer stainless "Loaded" has the "quick detach" rear sight (caught it before it went into the grass) and the knife-edge serrations but has swallowed everything I've fed it without a hiccup. BUT--the piece comfortably snugged to my side as I type is my Colt's Lightweight Commander. Now, I want one of the new '91A1s.
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