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SXE Beaver, what to do?

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I just picked up a 5" SXE. I got it for a everyday carry gun, all seems well but that beaver tail, yuck? anyone have any sugestions short of fitting it with a Wilson or a Brown? Is there a SX type available that drops in that dosen't have that big ugly gap?
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The Wilson Drop in should fit with only slight mods to the trigger engagement area. (The one for the Commander)
Drop in means no mods, or so I thought? I had one installed(Wilson drop in) with no mods to frame. Though Kevin did a fabulous trigger job to my S/S 91. Its not a pretty gun, well used when I bought it. But it sure is ugly and shoots as well or better than its stable mates. What to buy next? Ah yes another Colt!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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