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I wanted to make a quick announcement that the dates for our next Tactical Defensive Handgun Course have been set.

The class will be held on Saturday 24 January 2004 and 25 January 2005 from 8:00am - 6:00pm both days in Bridgeport, CT., and the tuition will be $195.00 per person + ammunition and applicable taxes.

Each student will be supplied with a copy of our training manual for this course at no additional charge, and all who complete the program will recieve a 1 year subscription to the members section of the Williams Associates Protective Services website at no additional fee.

The course will cover the following topic areas:

Tactical Defensive Handgun

Designed for anyone who carries or owns a handgun for the purpose of personal security or defense. The Tactical Defensive Handgun course offered through Williams Associates Protective Services provides the student with the minimum skills necessary for the correct and effective use of a handgun within a violent confrontation.

The main training methodology of this program is based upon what is known as a building block approach. Where the drills, techniques, and tactics, and stresses are built upon each other in a gradual form.

Some of the core components of this program include

Firearm Safety & The Laser Rule

The Principles Of Marksmanship

Drawing From The Holster

Reloads & Stoppage Clearing

Use of Cover & Concealment

Proper Concealed Carry

Preplanning For Home Defense

Alternate Combat Shooting Techniques

Ballistic Effects Of A Projectile On Living Tissue

Introduction To Weapon Retention

The standard version duration of this course is 20 hours, and requires 600 rnds of pistol ammunition, 1 pistol, 3 magazines or speedloaders, magazine pouch, holster, wrap around eye and ear protection.

To register or to request additional information, please contact the training division at [email protected]

Be Safe

Bryan S. Williams
Williams Associates Protective Services, LLC
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