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Tankers holster

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Bought an original Military issue tankers holster from a retired sargent major sat. After getting it home and fitting my 1911 to it, I noticed that the grip safety is held down when strapped in. This concerns me. Is it safe to carry a 1911 cocked and locked with the grip safety depressed? i know, I still have the locked part still going for me. But I just cannot get over one more safety not being used.
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The tankers' holster is a vertical shoulder rig that can also be carried as a strong side belt holster. There are two that I know of: the old, leather unit that was issued when the 1911A1 was the issue side arm. The other is the nylon Bianchi rig, which is supposed to work equally well with either a 1911A1 or the useless Berretta 92.

If your holster is wiping your safety off, I suspect that you either have an "oversize" safety, or the holster is not as described.

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Neither the M3, nore the M7 could be carried as a "belt holster"; that is, they had no belt loops or slots. I have seen pictures of pilots with their M3's worn around the waist, in a very swanky gunfighter style, but there is no separate belt involved - they are using the shoulder strap as a "belt". Of course, the Bianchi holster can be worn about ten different ways - if you have all of the straps, flaps, etc. - including on a belt.
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