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The grips in that particular picture will not fit the decocker model. However, when I bought my Hogue grips from a local shop, they came with three panels--one rightside and two leftside ones: one for decocker and one without. I checked the product number on my packaging and it is 99010, same as your link. Furthermore, if you click on the "right view" link on that page, you'll see that the rightside grip is slotted for the decocker--now this wouldn't make sense if it didn't have a matching left side with a similar decocker cut.

Now if you could tell me where to get hex head screws for the decocker grip, I'd be happy. Hogue's site has the same part number for Beretta and Taurus screws--and I know my Beretta grip screws won't interchange with my Taurus...

Hope this helps,
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