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Teflon Impregnation

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This weekend during qualifications, a fellow was telling me an interesting theory. He claims that he has impregnated his Commander with teflon by soaking the parts in Slick 50 auto oil, then baking them in an oven. Anyone try this? Think it would work? It sounds plausible, and mighty tempting.
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Sorry but it sounds like bullcrap...the teflon in Slick 50 is a flocculent suspension just as the kind you find in Break Free CLP. How baking would somehow get it to infuse or to penetrate or to "bond at the molecular level" - that oft-used silly phrase - the metal is beyond me.
Sounds like a line for a car salesman to me. I think he's full of it.
He stated that he first coated the parts with the oil, then placed them in an oven. With the oven door left open, he slowly raised the temp to 300 degrees. His reasoning was that the heat opened the metal's "pores" allowing the teflon to be deposited. Once the metal cools, the pores close, leaving the teflon behind.
He seemed reputable enough. He said that once this had been done you could feel the lubricity with your finger. Think I'll try it on some scrap metal.
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