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Yes, I finally broke down, and went through the NRA approved "First Step" for pistol. Then did the one for rifle a week later. I had to do it because every time the kids (niece and nephews) ask about shooting(which I got them interested in), I couldn't tell them to do something I hadn't done.
Our club, Holmseburg Fish and Game Protective Association, gave the classes. Our two Certified Instructors, Gene and John, were a wealth of information. I'm glad I did it. There were some things that I didn't know or forgot. It's good to see updated NRA literature. It's also good to see the "skill badges" for various levels of each discipline, that will be a great incentive to keep working.
Well I have been shooting since I was a kid. After a stretch in the Army, and automibile accident that ended my archery addiction, I got back to shooting. Glad I did it. Even got a couple of nice certificates, that I can use to hide the bullet holes in my wall.:D
The intro classes are a very good thing for newbees and oldbees to do!
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