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The 1911 was made around the .45?

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I keep running into posts where the member states that he likes having the gun designed for the round, namely the 1911. I then ran accross some historical references of the 1911. In them they state the 1911 was a rechambering of JMB's earlier .38 caliber pistols to accept .45 What gives?

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Nagative ghostrider the 1911 was an improvement of the .45ACP 1905 for military acceptance. So you are victorious over your foe much like the ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS!
Trivia- There was a 9.8mm version of the 1911 to be manufactured by FN for European sales. WW1 kinda killed that project.
And the 9.8 pistol was on its own frame and slide, 7/8s of the standard 1911 frame.

I have a couple of the loaded rounds in my collection but not one of the pistols, alas.

Ne Conjuge Nobiscum
Leonidas c 480 BC

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Yes, neat little guns. All three of them. There is probably not enough money in it for a manufacturer to tool up for one, but wouldn't that be great in .38 and .40? I was shooting my Gov't .380 in a BUG match Saturday and there is a lot to say for a gun in a familar action but scaled to the caliber.

My reading indicates that the 9.8mm Colt was a Hartford Colt development and the 9.65mm Gran Browning was a separate FN project - not the same caliber or gun. So I don't see FN making 9.8 Colts when they had a similar product of their own in the works. But they did have the European rights to Browning designs, so maybe they would have.
It is interesting to calculate that 9.8mm = .3858" and that the hollowbase inside lube bullets for .41 LC are .386". Does anybody know the actual caliber of the 1902 .41 ACP or the later .41 Special? Also 9.65mm = .3799", a true .38 cal.
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