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The Action Works

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Don Williams helped me out of a jam with the thumb safety on my Les Baer. I sent him the frame and he built up the nub on the safety and recut it. Kudos to Don for awesome service. thanks, larry nichols

Anybody else had work done by Don??
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Not yet, but he's on my short list. Thanks for the info.

Fellow Forumites,
Don Williams is also on a VERY short list of mine. The list is one of gunsmiths that I refer customers to if I feel I can not meet their needs. I consider a referral to be a reflection of my own integrity.
I have known and worked with Don for more than 9 years in both a business and personal relationship. His honesty and integrity are beyond reproach.
What seperates Don from many other talented smiths........is that HE CARES!
He cares that his work is top-notch and that his customers are left satisfied and looking forward to their next project with him.
I'd hazard a guess that Don's workload is comprised mostly of repeat customers. This in itself speaks volumes about this guy's business.
There has been discourse on several other rooms here of 'customer service'. If you'd like to experience the very best, give Don a call.

Chuck Rogers
Rogers Precision
I do not know Don as well as Chuck does, But I had the good fortune to speak with both of them on the phone and they are both good guys. We have seen work from them here and it is very good. I am sure the loyal following they have built up over the years should speak well of there work and business practices.

Also I think it is worth noting how well the smith's play together here, I hate to list them as I will miss some. It is unique that we can bounce ideas and experience off each other. It also helps us to see it from the customers point of view.

Lastly the fact that the smith's feel confortable to share there knowledge here says a lot.

Thank YOU!
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I've had 3 guns built for me by Don Williams since 1992 and numbers 4 and 5 will shortly be done, another 1911 and my first BHP custom. I'm one of those pleased repeat customers that Chuck Rogers is talking about and I have nothing but good things to say about Don.

Tom Kifer
I have been sending pistols to Don at the Action Works for 8 years , he has worked on 5 pistols for me and several more for my brother and two best freinds , all are excellent totaly reliable. also don is a really nice guy.
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