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I'm apaulded that members of this forum are bullied into revealing their idenity when they have a right to privacy on this forum. Dane Burns is not the Moderator of this forum. It seems he thinks he is. Do yourself a favor, if you don't like a member posting check the handle before you click on it, if its someone you don't like go to the next post, save yourself and everyone else some greif, I'll return the same favor. If Burns has a problem with the way the Moderator runs the forum maybe he should get his own forum, than he can be the Moderator. There are alot of good pistolsmith that left this forum and will not post cuz of these attacks, I see why now. I was warned before hand about posting on this forum cuz of the flaming piss'n matchs, so I choose to remain anonymous to test the waters. Now Burns wants to trash someones name when he really don't know who the hell he's talking to, he may think he knows but he don't for sure, why he thinks he can take it upon himself to invade on someones pirvacy is beyond me. I think the Moderator should step in and remind him of the rules of the forum. Its beyond me why he thinks he has the liberty to trash a members rights. I do not know Dane Burns nor does he know me. When Burns talks of professionalism I consider the source, this is the guy that solicited his e-mail address to a Member wanting help selecting 1 of 3 pistolsmiths Novak, Heinie or CT brian, I think most would agree tacky and unprofessional at best. He has no room to judge me. I joined this forum to help out. I enjoy reading about the 1911. I know what it is to want, when I started out I had nothing, I worked up the nerve to call big name pistolsmiths for advice, from the answers I received I soon learned I was on my own. The forum is a good thing and a great learning tool but this one has a tough time keeping it clean. Let me get one thing straight: my business gains nothing by me pecking away at this computer. One reason I remain anonymous is cuz I don't wish to promote my business. Another reason I post anonymous is cuz I want you to read my post for its merits, not cuz the great name brand so-and-so wrote it, there's enough of that going around, I have a name on this forum, its "METALSMITH" and I stand by it. I had enough, case closed.
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I am not the moderator of this forum but I will go ahead and throw in my opinion on this topic again.

It is my understanding that there are no requirements to use your REAL NAME when posting on this forum.

It is my opinion that this topic has been beaten to death.

We all have to take internet info, sales pitches, and product endorsements with a grain of salt. It is up to the reader to read through the bull and decide what works in their situation. I would never recommend anyone to rely solely on an internet posting board for important decisions.

Just because someone runs a successful business, has a few years experience in a profession, carries a gun, has a nice website, has built or currently builds nice guns, or has a RECOGNIZABLE NAME doesn’t exactly make every word out of that person’s mouth gospel. You can always find someone who runs a better business, has been in law enforcement more years, has a better site, builds better guns, or has a BIGGER NAME.

I think it is HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL to come here and drag other businessmen through the mud because they choose not to promote their business or somehow validate their opinions by dropping names. I also think it is UNPROFESSIONAL to criticize other NAMES while promoting your own. There is a reason why Les Baer sells so many guns just like there is a reason that Novak sells so many sights. If things are so good in your little corner of the market, then I don’t see where the time comes from to go after everybody else. If you can’t support your opinions without throwing your resume around then there is a problem.

I have read garbage from the pseudo-names, I have read garbage from the BIG NAMES, and I have probably posted garbage on here myself. The point I am making is that the post should stand on its own. Just because a name is attached doesn’t make the garbage smell any better. I would rather have the honest opinions of 100 anonymous posters that truly enjoy 1911s than be limited to the opinion of one or two NAMES who happen to be the self proclaimed master pistolsmith or tactics guru with something to sell. I would hate to think that a select few would take it upon themselves to intimidate other members or encourage them to leave through all of this chest pumping.

A lot of the info that ends up on this board is subjective and opinionated. I don’t see how there are any integrity guarantees by using a real name. I would venture to say that the anonymous poster has less to gain by posting their opinion than one who flaunts their name like credentials. I can see taking advantage of a little free exposure but lets not overdo it.

This was my opinion before I volunteered to maintain a forum and it remains as such. If voicing this opinion somehow relieves me of my moderator status then so be it. I would just appreciate it if we could share information without the self-promotion, resume posting, chest thumping, and dirt slinging.
I vote that this topic be allowed to die once and for all.

I know of at least one good 'smith who posts here very infrequently, carefully, and diplomatically, hoping to avoid starting another of the "pissing contests" which have driven some away. It would be nice if people could share their advice, opinions, and experience in a spirit of comraderie and mutual admiration of the 1911, rather than in competition. One's work should speak for itself. But, then I wake up in the real world, and not the kindler, gentler one i fantasize about being able to remember long ago.

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Originally posted by Metal Smith:
I'm apaulded

Ya me too
But I am appalled!

When Burns talks of professionalism I consider the source, this is the guy that solicited his e-mail address to a Member wanting help selecting 1 of 3 pistolsmiths Novak, Heinie or CT brian, I think most would agree tacky and unprofessional at best.

Geeze....another bad quote
To correct the inference here the question was of the three who would you pick, Heinie was not part of the equation..7 year wait.

Novak, Brian and Garthwaite were the options if I remember correctly. With a personal request for a contact from Mr. Heinie. The post was a request for anyone's help. My suggestion was of the three available in the time frames requested was Jim Garthwaite. Still is.

I actually signed my name to the post so the lady would know who made that suggestion. Most folks call that a referal and PROFESSIONAL courtsey.

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Yikes !!!!! I'm starting to get scared coming into this forum. This is too much like home! If I wanted to hear this much bickering, I'd go downstairs with the wife and kid. I like visiting this site as a means to unwind after work, and to hopefully gain some valuable knowledge, but YOU KIDS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!
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